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--Oct 14 - Adult Fellowship at Wards, 5:30 p.m. Bring food and drinks.
--Oct 17 - The following is a message from Bill Wood to anyone interested in attending one Financial Peace : "I got into the Dumping Debt lesson at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night. I took extensive notes and could not turn it off until completed at 12:30 a. m. This is the best one!!! As discussed earlier this evening, we need to put it in the bullitin, to offer church family the opportunity to see one session for free (and encourage friends to come too). If anyone has debt, this is the best one to see. Dave leads off with 18 myths about money, credit, and debt; after that he talks about gazelle intensity in getting out of debt, and he ends with a six step formula to get out of debt. The video is 92
minutes but you won't notice the time. It's great!"

From a Reuters survey on church attendance:
Church of Christ: 68 percent attendance
Mormon: 67 percent
Pentecostal: 65 percent
Southern Baptist: 60 percent
Nondenominational Protestant: 54 percent
Catholic: 45 percent
Methodist: 44 percent
Presbyterian: 44 percent
Lutheran: 43 percent
Episcopal: 32 percent
Jewish: 15 percent